Commercially Woven Lambswool Scarf

The Photo Shoot

Good Grief!!! The Great Pumpkin is coming! And that means all the Holidays are coming! And that means that it is going to get chilly if not downright cold!

And that means people need scarves. Like nice lambswool scarves that were made to honor the Irishman that discovered Antarctica. The soft, warm scarves that were designed by me and woven in Ireland!

Then we got to thinking. You needed to see what these scarves really look like. You needed to see how they drape and how they pop with color. And you deserve to see how the cotton and bamboo alternatives are made at home.

So, a good friend of mine who happens to be a professional photographer agreed to a photo shoot in my home. Where the original scarves were made.

Yup. I like the Edward Bransfield Commemorative Tartan scarf. I like the dogs, too. These photos show the drape and comfort of this lambswool scarf. I am so proud to have it woven at the Cushendale Woollen Mills in Gragnamanaugh, County Kilkenny, Ireland by the Cushen family. They are all skilled craftspeople who have been in the business for 6 generations! Check them out at!

Penguin Designs began as a dream after a glorious, amazing trip to Antarctica. I had been weaving for a few years when I got the idea of making a tartan to commemorate that trip and the Irishman who, 200 years earlier, found that Continent. The very first tartan wool scarves were made at my instructor’s studio. Those were the scarves that were taken to the Bransfield Straits in Antarctica for christening.

Then, I brought it home. For the last three years, cotton and bamboo versions of the Edward Bransfield Commemorative tartan scarves were made, one by one, on my home loom.

That looks something like this:

Although it takes a long while to get one of the handwoven scarves, the Irish Lambswool is ready now for everyone.

Take a look at I think you will love owning a unique and useful scarf that honors the explorers of this world.

What Our
Customers Say

I received┬ámy Edward Bransfield scarf!! I watched and listened to Gael’s trip to Antarctica. The story is just amazing. And the scarf reflects the story. It is so soft and toasty warm! I LOVE the colors!!! Thank you, Gael!

Vicki Perry

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