The Blankets are Coming, The Blankets are Coming!

Cushendale Woollen Mills-Edward Bransfield Commemorative Tartan Warp

That gorgeous picture was taken when the first threads for the scarves went on the loom at Cushendale Woollen Mills. It was a magnificent day that made me cry.

Today, the wonderful people at Cushendale let me know that the warp for throw blankets is on the loom!!! The blankets will be made of the same soft lambswool used in the scarf. The difference will be the size. The blankets will be 72″x54″!!!

In a few days you will be able to pre-order them. That would be a good idea as there are only 30 being made. Depending on the import fees, we expect to sell them for around $225.00.

Can you imaging lying on your couch, curled up in front of a fire (or your tv), wrapped in the warmth and softness of The Edward Bransfield Commemorative Tartan blanket?

Now that sounds peaceful!

Stay tuned for pictures!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Stay safe and healthy this Holiday season!

What Our
Customers Say

I love Gael Gisvold’s new tartan for many reasons. Celebrating Edward Bransfield’s discovery of Antarctica with the shades of the Antarctica land and seascape is such a cool idea. The colors are beautifully woven in to a fascinating story of this icy, harsh environment. My scarf is soft and warm. The colors match most everything that I own. Being Scotch Irish myself, I appreciate the interesting histories that so many tartans can tell.

Christine Crossan Bogart

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