Remembering Edward Bransfield

Edward Bransfield is the Irishman that was the first to see and chart the Antarctic Peninsula. He was an unheralded explorer. Few knew of his existence even though a mountain and an ocean strait were named for him.

“Who is Bransfield?” people would ask. But no one really remembered.

But a little digging revealed that the man was an Irishman. And that intrigued a group of Irish folk who, when they discovered Edward Bransfield’s origins, formed the Remembering Edward Bransfield Committee. Through tireless work, they were able to honor the man, in his home town of Ballinacurra, County Cork with a monument. It was unveiled and dedicated on the 200th anniversary of his discovery.

Edward Bransfield Monument, January 2020

The Edward Bransfield Commemorative Tartan was made to honor him and the Seventh Continent.

Today, the Irish government, commemorated Edward Bransfield and the other Irish Arctic and Antarctic explorers with a series of postal stamps. Finally, the Ice Men of Ireland will be recognized and remembered by the generations to follow.

If you want to know more about Edward Bransfield and/or the Edward Bransfield Commemorative Tartan check out Penguin Designs at, www. or the Facebook page “Remembering Edward Bransfield”.

What Our
Customers Say

I love Gael Gisvold’s new tartan for many reasons. Celebrating Edward Bransfield’s discovery of Antarctica with the shades of the Antarctica land and seascape is such a cool idea. The colors are beautifully woven in to a fascinating story of this icy, harsh environment. My scarf is soft and warm. The colors match most everything that I own. Being Scotch Irish myself, I appreciate the interesting histories that so many tartans can tell.

Christine Crossan Bogart

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