The Weaving of a Scarf- The first step!

There is an old saying that “no one want to know how the sausage is made”. I can understand that with sausage. It’s messy. And gooey. Weaving can be messy-threads all over the floor, lint, lousy language when there is operator error or loom error. (Yes, the loom can make a mistake. They always blame…


One Pesky Little Thread

I truly love to weave. The raising of the shed, the throwing of the shuttle, the beating of the weft are all part of a symphony of action and sound that make a happy place for my otherwise crazy brain. But getting to that place can push the limits of patience. And one pesky little…


Remembering Edward Bransfield

Edward Bransfield is the Irishman that was the first to see and chart the Antarctic Peninsula. He was an unheralded explorer. Few knew of his existence even though a mountain and an ocean strait were named for him. “Who is Bransfield?” people would ask. But no one really remembered. But a little digging revealed that…


It’s All in the Process

People ask me about weaving and my first response is “It’s all about the process”. The questions range from “how do all those threads get on the loom?” to “what’s the difference between knitting and weaving?” to “what’s a loom?” The answer to the first is —keep reading! The answer to the second is–keep reading….


The Blankets are Coming, The Blankets are Coming!

That gorgeous picture was taken when the first threads for the scarves went on the loom at Cushendale Woollen Mills. It was a magnificent day that made me cry. Today, the wonderful people at Cushendale let me know that the warp for throw blankets is on the loom!!! The blankets will be made of the…


What is Handwoven

Handwoven. The word brings up images of rug making or gets confused with crochet or knitting. The word does apply to the rug image but what handwoven means here at Penguin Designs is different. Handweaving for me means there is a loom in what people would call my dining room. It means that there is…


A Journey Continues

Welcome to Penguin Designs. Welcome to the Penguin Designs website home to tartans honoring Irish Antarctic Explorers I created the original tartan pattern to honor the Irish Explorer Edward Bransfield who was the first to see, map, and chart the Continent of Antarctica. It is registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans as the EDWARD…


What Our
Customers Say

I was lucky enough to meet Gael on a trip to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. We had such a wonderful expedition to one of the world’s most remote and wildest places. I was recently gifted this beautiful tartan by our polar historian, Ingrid Nixon, who was with us on that same trip. I absolutely love it, and it makes me think of my many fond memories while visiting the Antarctic Peninsula, and the brave polar explorers such as Bransfield who came before us. What a wonderful gift! Thank you, Gael! Cheers to you, and to experiences that change us forever!

Kelsey Simmons

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